Last updated: May 19th, 2017


Are there any limits to the requests?

You can make 2,000 requests per day. If you need more requests, contact me.

How many requests does extended data take?

Each extended data takes 1 request apart from the parent request (e.g anime, manga)

When will the search request be added?

My plans are to add that in the end. You can check the issues page to check which milestone version is assigned to it

How does Jikan work?

Jikan works by scraping pages from MyAnimeList to parse the data you need. Why should you sidetrack your application to create an entire Scraper for it? Let Jikan do it for you!


What differs Jikan from the Official API?

Jikan covers what the official API lacks. It's much simpler to use, requires no authentication and returns data in JSON. :)

What can I get through Jikan?

You can get anime, manga, character, people, search data from MyAnimeList through a very simple GET request.

Can you add < insert added functionality > to Jikan?

Depends on what you need. Contact me via email or drop me a message at MyAnimeList.


I have a problem using this!

Whether you're talking about the REST API or the source, feel free to drop me an email or message and I'll gladly support you!

I found a bug!

Please open a new issue with details of the problem and how it occured. I'll fix it asap.

The REST API isn't working!

Uh-oh. Send me an email or a Private Message and I'll resolve it asap.